About Us

Jennifer Tyler Knitwear is a family owned and operated luxury knitwear brand. Owned and operated since its beginning by my Mum - Jennifer Tyler.  In early 2014 I re-joined my mum full time and together we are now ‘officially’ taking the knitwear world by storm!!! For 25 plus years Jennifer Tyler Knitwear has been dedicated to creating fine knitwear from the highest quality of materials for the most discerning of clients. Together we travel the world in search of the finest yarns to create our sweaters, shawls, tunics, and tops…Pants too!! You can often find us designing new pieces while ‘Having a Tea’!!!

A little about ‘My Mum’…

Jennifer Tyler has maintained an impressive career and business longevity based on her dedication to the art of fashion and an uncompromising demand for the highest levels of quality.  Specializing in luxury knitwear, accessories and clothing, she designs both classically elegant and functional collections with an 'edgy' and detailed style. 

A native of London, Jennifer visited the Bahamas in the early seventies and became mesmerized and enchanted by the vibrant island lifestyle. She says “color was exploding from every direction, the glorious sky, the Caribbean sea, lush vegetation, flamingo birds and the exotic dress of the Bahamian people“. She vowed then never to be afraid of color and to this day, it is unmatched by any other cashmere house.

She soon opened her first boutique “The London Pacesetter”.  The cashmere section was an immediate success with an adoring clientele. As the island continued to inspire her personal design mantra, her notoriety/accomplishments grew along with her expanded color spectrum - unusual in the eighties. For Jennifer, the age of traditional cashmere was over. New York was calling and this Bahamian expatriate was moving on!.

Always an entrepreneur, she opened a succession of new stores - in the 'infamous' Trump Tower, New York, Miami, Bal Harbour, Florida, San Francisco. It was late in the eighties that she was approached by a large British group to sell her business and she continued as CEO and Creative Director. Tyler cornered the market by following her instincts which continued to keep her ahead of the fashion scene. When WWD deemed cashmere 'the fiber of the 90's” and named Jennifer Tyler “Queen of Cashmere”, her reign began and continues to this day.

We find ourselves in the fall of 2015 in a new era of Jennifer Tyler Knitwear and it is exciting!!! We now have two boutiques - one in Harbor Springs, MI and the other in Hobe Sound, FL. Also, you can find us on the web and we can’t wait to chat with you over the phone or in person and talk Knitwear, Fashion, Travel, and, Life!!


Jennifer & Claire Tyler